Power of One Report - February 2020

Power of One Report

Success in BNI is directly tied to the Five Key Fundamentals of BNI Success. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE POWER OF ONE. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the BNI Vermont Region members listed below who scored 100 points or green in February 2020. You are directly contributing to the health of your chapter and the profitability of your chapter members!

Each Power of One element is scored out of a maximum of 20 points.

1. CEUs (One hour = One CEU). There are easily 6 CEUs for completing the online MSP. Goal: Four CEUs / month

2. Attendance. Goal: 100%

3. One-to-ones. Goal: Four one-to-ones / month

4. Referrals. Goal: Four referrals / month

5. Visitors. Goal: One visitor / month

Champlain Connections BNI Christine Golden 100
Champlain Valley BNI Tara MacAskill 100
Heart of Vermont BNI Julia Wilk 100
Queen City BNI Mollie Lannen 100
Champlain Connections BNI Mary Catherine Jones 95
Champlain Connections BNI Ericka Redic 95
Champlain Valley BNI Kevin Holmes 95
Middlebury BNI David Hills 95
Middlebury BNI Dutton Smith 95
Queen City BNI Janina Kotulich 95
Shelburne BNI Cathy Armstrong 95
Champlain Connections BNI Catherine Moller 90
Crossroads BNI Diane Maurice-Brault 90
Heart of Vermont BNI Kristin Dearborn 90
Heart of Vermont BNI Larry Gilbert 90
Prestige BNI Cody Boissoneault 90
Queen City BNI Celeste Hartwell 90
Champlain Connections BNI Tilyr Dunklow 85
Champlain Connections BNI Mickey Wiles 85
Champlain Valley BNI Jay Stearns 85
Integrity BNI Michael Hughart 85
Queen City BNI Elizabeth Davidson 85
Shelburne BNI Brendan Walsh 85
Shelburne BNI Sarah Thompson 85
Champlain Connections BNI Julia Scott 80
Champlain Connections BNI Rosann Kramer 80
Champlain Connections BNI Angela Zaikowski 80
Champlain Connections BNI Jessica Hall 80
Champlain Connections BNI Monica Chapman 80
Champlain Valley BNI Johannes Ziegler 80
Crossroads BNI Caroline S. Earle 80
Crossroads BNI David Gold 80
Crossroads BNI Paul Richardson 80
Crossroads BNI Anita Hoy 80
Prestige BNI Julie Phillips 80
Prosperity BNI Nicholas Roop 80
Queen City BNI Heather Belanger 80
Queen City BNI Stephanie Mack 80
Queen City BNI Amy Wolf 80
Shelburne BNI Hobart Popick 80
Shelburne BNI Allison Bogan 80
Shelburne BNI Ben Raphael 80
Champlain Connections BNI Caroline Matte 75
Champlain Connections BNI Jane Evans 75
Champlain Connections BNI David Rose 75
Champlain Connections BNI Jay Vallieres 75
Champlain Connections BNI Jeff Dickson 75
Champlain Connections BNI Johnathan Quong 75
Champlain Connections BNI Sarah Harrington 75
Champlain Valley BNI Travis Spencer 75
Crossroads BNI Justin Loati 75
Crossroads BNI Sam Markewich 75
Heart of Vermont BNI Soren Pfeffer 75
Integrity BNI Robert Shea 75
Integrity BNI Dana Carpenter 75
Prosperity BNI Alec Slater 75
Prosperity BNI Larry Hawley 75
Queen City BNI Erin Perrin 75
Queen City BNI Kate Tucker 75
Queen City BNI Shawn Zwick 75
Shelburne BNI Diane Ravenscroft 75
Shelburne BNI Erik Kolomaznik 75
Shelburne BNI Seth Gifford 75
The Masters BNI Gina Buchanan 75
The Masters BNI Tracy Stolese 75
The Masters BNI Aubrey Carpentier 75
The Masters BNI Steve Hartmann 75
Wealth Builders BNI John Jacob 75
Champlain Connections BNI Nicholas Martin 70
Champlain Connections BNI Aaron Barton 70
Champlain Valley BNI Michael Sealy 70
Crossroads BNI Timothy Boltin 70
Crossroads BNI Charles Goodman 70
Crossroads BNI Jason Decoteau 70
Heart of Vermont BNI Robin Freeman 70
Heart of Vermont BNI Marcus Becherer 70
Middlebury BNI Traci Cherrier 70
Middlebury BNI Bob Boucher 70
Middlebury BNI Mike Dever 70
Middlebury BNI Timothy King 70
Prestige BNI Matthew Walker 70
Prosperity BNI Melendy Comey 70
Shelburne BNI Melanie Severo 70
Shelburne BNI Alice Lissarrague 70
Shelburne BNI Beth Martell 70
Shelburne BNI Julie Goodall 70
Shelburne BNI Julie Thorpe 70
Shelburne BNI Julie Gaboriault 70
Shelburne BNI Randolph Rowland 70
The Masters BNI Cory Irish 70
The Masters BNI Aaron Scowcroft 70


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