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Vickie Wacek, Executive Director BNI Vermont

You are invited to visit a BNI Vermont chapter meeting or contact one of our professional Director Consultants or Ambassadors to discover how you can grow your business as a referral partner with BNI.

You may contact the BNI Vermont office by calling (802) 557-0111, sending and email, or by selecting the "Send Message" link Send a message to BNI Vermont next to each name below. One of our BNI Vermont Director Consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

If you would like to speak to us about growing your business, or if you would like to know how to start your own chapter, contact Vickie Wacek, Executive Director BNI Vermont, by calling (802) 557-0111 or click here to send a message.

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 64737
Burlington, VT 05406

Our Mission

The BNI Vermont Team creates, connects, and sustains a diverse group of business professionals to strengthen and enrich BNI Vermont chapters and to support our members.

Our Vision

The Vision of the BNI Vermont Team is to:

  • Create - We are a group of enthusiastic business professionals who are committed to assisting their fellow members recognize the results of their BNI Membership thus growing their businesses and professional relationships. We offer the tools to best utilize the structure, accountability, and education of BNI that encourages business growth through personal referrals.

  • Connect - We strengthen and support individual BNI Vermont chapters through problem solving, supporting individual members, providing education about BNI principles, and facilitating connections and relationships among members.

  • Sustain - We work in the best interests of fellow BNI Members by having a finger on the pulse of the chapters, leading by example from our own participation in our local chapters, and by being ready with advice and encouragement for chapters and members.

Meet Our Team
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Executive Director

 Vickie Wacek
Chapters (as a Director Consultant):
Integrity BNI
Prosperity BNI
Virtual Vermont BNI

BNI Vermont Director Consultants
Our Director Consultants are engaged and active BNI members within the region who are specially trained by BNI on leadership and networking skills.  They are responsible for providing direction, insight, and motivation to the chapters for which they are assigned and focus their attention so that members get what they need to be successful in their BNI membership.  Director Consultants work closely with each chapter's Leadership Team and Supporting Coordinators throughout the year by attending chapter meetings and the ensuing monthly Leadership Team Meeting, as well as quarterly Regional Leadership Team Roundtables.  
Erik Kolomaznik
CK Financial - Shelburne BNI
802-825-1976    |    Email
Queen City BNI              Wealth Builders BNI
Gina Buchanan
Encanto Kitchen - Virtual Vermont BNI
802-735-1583    |    Email
Champlain Connections BNI
Champlain Valley BNI
Middlebury BNI
Justin Loati
La Panciata Bakery - Crossroads BNI
802-485-4200    |    Email
Heart of Vermont BNI
Mironda Meyer
Mironda's House of Wellness and Fitness
978-559-1976    |    Email
Crossroads BNI             Shelburne BNI
Richard Fox
802-879-7106    |    Email
The Masters BNI
BNI Vermont Ambassadors
Our Ambassadors are engaged and active BNI members within the region who are volunteer their time to provide education and recognition to BNI members throughout Vermont.  Through chapter visits they share new insights on how to get the most of a BNI membership, and take the time to recognize the achievements and results of the members that they meet.  
Adrian Bannister
Impact Marketing - Shelburne BNI
Chad Hayes
Carter Insurance - Middlebury BNI
David Gold
Edward Jones - Crossroads BNI
James Clark
Focal Point Consulting - Middlebury BNI
Julie Danaher
Ridgeline Real Estate - Queen City BNI
Mary Capparuccini
Hadley Financial Group - Prosperity BNI
Mike Bancroft
Cheeseman Insurance - Crossroads BNI
Rosann Kramer
Runway Auto - Champlain Connections BNI
Samantha Ciccone
Movement Mortgage - Heart of Vermont BNI
Tim Boltin
Delicate Decadence - Crossroads BNI
BNI Vermont Support Team
Our BNI Support Team is made up of specialists who support different areas of our member's needs.  Click each Team Member's title for details about their roles and the impact they make our on BNI Member Professionals.
Member Services Director
Ken Keegler
508-336-8814    |    Email

Social Media Coordinator
Mollie Lannen
CW Creative - Queen City BNI
802-476-3615   |   Email




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