BNI Member Services Director

Member Services Director
Ken Keegler

As BNI regions grow and mature, members and chapters typically become more knowledgeable and sophisticated in their networking abilities, and we strive to give them more and focused support.

The mission of Member Services is to help the members achieve a positive and financially rewarding experience as a member of BNI, and  to ensure that our chapters have every advantage in attaining success both as a chapter and as individuals in business.

The following are the duties and benefits of the Member Services Director:

  • Works closely with DCs and regional office and BNI HQ
  • Supports Membership Committees
  • Confidentiality
  • Dedicated and consistent voice
  • Non emotional approach
  • Appeal process
  • Determines underlying issue
  • Avoid knee-jerk reaction
  • Consistency in the region
  • Policies applied equally
  • Technical questions e.g., company paid, transfers, Medical Leave etc.
  • Frees up regional resources
  • Assist DCs - Good of the chapters
  • Offer guidance
  • Look at alternatives solutions, approaches, and suggestions
  • Other region experiences
  • Non-punitive versus punitive
  • Keep good members and improve individual and chapter success
  • Issues or Opportunities – Perception

Contact Ken Keegler today by calling 508-336-8814 or click here to send an email

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