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Statewide BNI Vermont Meeting: Friday, March 27th at 2pm
This week brings a lot of new experiences in your BNI meeting with us all moving onto BNI Online!  BNI Vermont is hosting a live Web Call this Friday, March 27th from 2:00-3:00pm so that all members in Vermont can share insights about your first BNI Online meeting.  Please join us, everyone, to share ideas, steal insights, and get a general boost from your entire BNI Vermont family!
If you need to use your phone for the audio: Phone # 646 876 9923 with Meeting ID: 452-677-8518
BNI Vermont Events
Tuesday, April 7th from 3-5pm
Zoom Virtual Meeting - see link for details
BNI Global To the Rescue!
BNI Global has put together an outstanding array of free webinars to help you and your business not only survive, but thrive, through all of this!  Please click the links below to register for any of them.
  >>   These will all be recorded and posted on BNI University (website or app)

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