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BNI Vermont
P.O. Box 64737
Burlington, VT 05406
T: (802) 557-0111


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Justin Brande

Phone 802-497-2920
Fax 802-497-2921

Dr. Justin Brande
Vermont Custom Chiropractic
595 Dorset Street, Suite 8
South Burlington, VT 05403

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Justin Brande

Vermont Custom Chiropractic

Director Consultant

My BusinessI created Vermont Custom Chiropractic to serve those patients whose conditions are so severe or challenging that normal care isn't sufficient. By taking the time necessary, investigating as thoroughly as possible, and considering all options, the patient and I work together to understand and address their injuries.

Ideal ReferralThe ideal referral for me is the patient/client who has an injury or a condition they genuinely want to fix, and they are willing to put in the effort to fix it.

Top ProductHope. There are people who come to me for treatment who have been in pain for so long, have been treated so poorly by other doctors, that they have lost all hope at recovery. When they talk to me and see that I care, that I want to help and will put in a serious effort to do so, they regain hope.

Top Problem SolvedSince I treat people with the worst conditions, they typically have had their lives taken away from them by their condition. When I help them to recover and they tell me they "have their life back", that feels like the top problem I can possibly solve.

My Ideal Referral PartnerIn practice, my ideal partner is the member who works hard to refer to other BNI members, regardless of his/her job. In theory, I would speculate that a psychologist/counselor/therapist might be my ideal referral partner.