Gold Club Members

**  G O L D     C L U B     M E M B E R S  **

Our BNI Gold Club members add value to their chapter by increasing the contact network of every member of the chapter, which means more business for everyone!

BNI Gold Club was established to recognize those members who go the extra mile in building their chapters by introducing six or more professionals into the organization who subsequently become members.

BNI Gold Club members are easily recognizable because they wear a black name badge with gold lettering given to them in appreciation of their efforts.

Jay Cummings (13)  Liz Merryman (8) 
Barb Dozetos (12) Jay Vallieres (6)  
Michael Hughart (12) David Rubel (6)
Gabriel Lajuenesse (10) David Beckett (6)
Rod Cain (10) Susan Lackey (6)
Corey Hevrin (9)  Marc Wiener (6)
Brendan Walsh (9) Julie Thorpe (6)
Benjamin Fuller (8) Monique Bedard (6)
Mark Chaffee (8)  Sarah Lipton (6)
Kate O'Malley (8)  

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